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Collated Nails-collated roofing nails, wide crown staples

Common nails designed with collated paper strip are mostly used as framing nails and roofing nails. It is made for quick uses and high efficiency works on the decking or flooring constructions. Normally the wire nails are hot dipped galvanized or copper plated to enhance the corrosion resistance and beautiful outlook. The collating angles of the nails can be different while Cnow mainly supplies four types: 34 degree, 28, 21, 17 degree. We will introduce one by one as following ( other angles can be done upon request).

34 Angel Degree Collated Framing Nails with Paper Strip:

Collated Nails Collated at 34 Degree
Figure No.1: 34 Degree Angle Collated Wire Nails, with Wire Diameter 2.87mm

34 degree paper collated framing nails are made with the diameter ranging from 2.87mm to 3.33mm. It is widely used in framing, decking, sub-flooring construction, pallet construction work, etc
Nails Diameter:0.113"-0.131"
Nail Lehgth:2"-3-1/2"
Collated Angle:34 degree
Surface treatment: Bright, Electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized.
Shank types:Smooth,ring,screw
Material:Mild steel, high-carbon steel, stainless
Point Types: Diamond,chisel,blunt,no-point,clinch-point

28 Degree Paper Collated Nails for Framing Uses: (Figure No. 2)

Galv. Steel Wire Nails for Window and Door Frames
Figure No.2: 28 Angle Round Head Smooth Shank Collated Nails

This type of collated framing nails are suitable for roofing, wood construction, door and window frames, furniture frames, case construction, etc.
Nails Diameter:0.113"-0.131"
Nails Length:2"-3-1/2"
Collating Angle:28 degree
Surface treatment, shanks, material and nails point types: same as 34 degree collated nails.

21 Angle degree Collated Framing Nails: (Referring to Figure No. 3)

Common Nails with Collating Design for Quick Framing
Figure No.3: 21 Angel Collating Wire Nails for Roofing and Furniture Frames

Wire Diameter:0.113"-0.131"
Nails Length:2"-3-1/2"
Collating Angle:21 degree
Shank types: Smooth,ring,screw,twist,barbed

17 Degree Plastic Collated Nails:

Iron Nails with Paper Collating Forms
Figure No. 4: 17 Angle degree plastic collated wire nails

Angel 17 and 21 collated iron nails have the same wire diameter, length, material, shank types and surface treatment types. The only difference between them are the collated angles.

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